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"As you drape yourself in our cashmere creations, you embrace the legacy of French craftsmanship, a legacy that celebrates every stitch, every pattern, and every moment spent in pursuit of perfection. Our cashmere is not just a fabric; it is an invitation to embrace the extraordinary, to cherish life's finer moments, and to be a part of a story that transcends generations.

The gentle embrace of our cashmere is a testament to the art of weaving dreams, the delight of draping oneself in timeless elegance, and the luxury of feeling cherished. Each piece tells a story of passion, patience, and unparalleled artistry. It speaks of uncompromising quality, where only the finest fibers find their way into our creations, ensuring that you are cocooned in sheer, unadulterated luxury."

Should you have any questions, our team members are here to assist you. Please email:

If you require immediate assistance please call us using the appropriate telephone number for your region and language preference.


Language / Region Telephone Number

French +01 87 21 47 11



Paris Gare de Lyon

37-39 Avenue Ledru Rollin

CS 11237

Paris, France 75012

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