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"In a world that constantly changes, our cashmere remains a constant. It is an epitome of timeless luxury, an ode to grace that flows beyond trends, and a celebration of the finer things in life. Our French brand invites you to become a part of this luxurious tapestry, to savor the exquisite, and to revel in the splendor of our cashmere creations. As you don our garments, you embrace not just fashion but a legacy, a legacy that whispers the language of luxury and wraps you in the warmth of our passion."

The LUEQ, a prominent e-commerce destination, is committed to providing a smooth shopping experience. Here's a detailed guide to The LUEQ's shipping policies to help you navigate the process confidently.

Order Fulfillment: The delivery window for your order begins when it is picked up by the carrier. Please note that, as much as The LUEQ strives to provide accurate shipping times, exact delivery times may vary based on the carrier and your location.

Warehouse Locations: Orders placed on The LUEQ are shipped from one of two warehouses, depending on the availability of the items you've ordered. Consequently, orders that include multiple items may be sent in multiple shipments. The goal is to get your products to you efficiently.

Shipping Confirmation: Once your parcel has been shipped, you'll receive a Shipping Confirmation email that contains your tracking number. This allows you to monitor the delivery progress of your order. For registered customers, visiting the "My Orders" page provides access to the most up-to-date status of your order.

Shipping Fees and Costs: The LUEQ offers flat-rate shipping fees at checkout, ensuring that there will be no additional costs upon delivery for all orders placed on The LUEQ website. In essence, all orders placed on The LUEQ ship delivered-duty-paid. Your shipments will be sent using either FedEx or DHL Express, reliable and efficient carriers.

Holiday Closures: It's important to note that The LUEQ's shipping services may be temporarily suspended due to warehouse closures on certain U.S. and French holidays. We recommend planning your orders accordingly, as orders placed on these specific days will not be processed until the following business day.

Expedited or Delayed Shipment: The LUEQ's order processing is automated, and we regret to inform our customers that we are unable to expedite or delay shipments. This ensures an equitable order processing experience for all.

Alaska and Hawaii Shipping: Customers in Alaska and Hawaii should be aware that the domestic shipping and delivery times mentioned earlier apply to the continental U.S. exclusively. If you are residing in Alaska or Hawaii, please anticipate an additional 2-5 business days for your order to arrive. These extended delivery times are due to carrier restrictions specific to your region.

International Orders: For our international customers, The LUEQ extends its services worldwide. However, international orders may entail additional considerations:

  • Flat Rate Shipping Fees: All international orders will be accompanied by flat-rate shipping fees, simplifying the order process and reducing uncertainty regarding shipping costs.

  • Customs Fees and Taxes: International orders may incur customs fees, duties, taxes, or brokerage fees. For international orders shipped to the U.S., UK, or countries within the EU that incur such additional costs, The LUEQ will not assume responsibility for these expenses. However, for international orders shipped to countries other than those mentioned, customs fees, duties, or taxes incurred will be the responsibility of the recipient. These fees will be calculated, displayed, and charged at checkout, allowing customers to anticipate these costs.

  • Additional Information Requirement: To ensure smooth delivery, international orders may require customers to provide additional information to the carrier. The purpose of this request is to facilitate the efficient and secure delivery of your order. In such cases, you may be contacted via email, phone, or SMS text message to provide the necessary details. It's important to note that this request does not imply that you have been subscribed or enrolled in any messaging service, nor will you be asked to pay any extra fees upon delivery. Failure to provide this information will result in the return of your parcel to our warehouse.

Shipping Restrictions: It's crucial to be aware of shipping restrictions to avoid any issues. At present, The LUEQ is unable to ship orders to the following locations:

  • General Delivery

  • P.O. Boxes

  • APO (Army Post Office)

  • FPO (Fleet Post Office)

  • U.S. Territories

Orders addressed to these areas will be canceled to ensure a smooth and efficient shipping process.

Travel Closet Shipping: Travel Closet items, a special category offered by The LUEQ, have their own shipping policies. Customers are encouraged to double-check the accuracy of their delivery location to ensure items are received promptly. Travel Closet shipping includes one complimentary return for sizing issues, and shipping is expedited for a seamless return process. However, please note that returns are not accepted for worn items. Detailed information can be found in The LUEQ's return policy.

By understanding and adhering to The LUEQ's comprehensive shipping policies, you can enjoy a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience while receiving your orders as expected. The LUEQ is dedicated to providing exceptional service to its customers, and these policies ensure a seamless journey from placing your order to receiving your products.

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