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The LUEQ Travel Closet Concierge for Fashion Brand Partners

1. Annual Partnership:

Our Travel Closet Concierge service begins with an annual partnership agreement. Brand Partners are invited to join The LUEQ's select group for an annual fee of $149.99.

2. Quarterly Sales Commissions:

Participating brand partners earn an attractive 8% commission on sales, calculated quarterly, for every Travel Closet Concierge outfit package that includes items from their collection. This provides an excellent opportunity for brand partners to showcase their creations to a discerning clientele.

3. Product Sharing:

Our brand owners have the unique privilege of sharing their fashion creations with The LUEQ community. The service offers two key product-sharing options:

a. Sample Shoot Product: Brand partners can provide one product for a sample photoshoot with our LUEQ model(s). These captivating images are then licensed in perpetuity for marketing and social media purposes. This provides invaluable exposure for brand partners.

b. Sale Product: The second product offered by brand partners is made available for sale as part of the Travel Closet Concierge service. This gives our brand partners direct access to a discerning clientele interested in unique and high-quality fashion.

4. Additional Product Sharing:

Should brand partners wish to share more than the minimum required 2 products, they have the flexibility to do so at the rate of $49.99 per additional product. For jewelry items, there is a rate of $69.99 per item beyond the initial 2-item threshold.

5. Diverse Product Offerings:

Our Travel Closet Concierge service offers brand partners the chance to be part of a wide range of outfits. Whether it's a male or female look, brand partners can share up to 32 items for a fee of $49.99 or $69.99 each. This allows brand partners to be a key player in outfit combinations that elevate the style of our clients.

6. Non-Negotiable Partnerships:

We value the partnerships we build and have crafted this service with care. Partnerships are non-negotiable, with both The LUEQ and brand owners agreeing to the outlined terms.

7. Outfit Uniqueness:

In line with our commitment to exclusivity, The LUEQ does not repeat outfits for clients. This ensures that every client receives a one-of-a-kind fashion experience.

8. Free Item Sharing for Outfits:

Brand owners have the freedom to share items to complete outfits in the Travel Closet Concierge without incurring additional costs. This provides a valuable opportunity for brand owners to enhance their visibility and appeal.

The Travel Closet Concierge service by The LUEQ is the bridge between fashion, convenience, and luxury. It allows brand owners to showcase their unique creations to a discerning clientele while providing clients with the opportunity to experience fashion in a whole new way. It's a partnership that promises to redefine the fashion landscape.

Edmond Blanc.jpg
Edmond Blanc.jpg

Left to Right, Founder & Owner, Edmond Blanc, French Fashion Designer & Businessman.


Co-Founder, Quent Dumas, French Businessman & Fashion Advisor.

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